Supplements to Precalculus by Warren Esty

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The HTML page used to communicate with students one semester
    with homework assignments, the pace of the course, thoughts about exams, what students must learn in each section, etc.

Many previous exams    

Instructor's Manual (with thoughts about what students will find easy and what instructor's need to emphasize) 

A list of section topics

Handouts for Chapter 7 (trig).  Trig is fun and there are many illuminating exercises that can be done in class.  

How to study math

Advice from students to students.

Does multitaking work?
More thoughts about multitasking

Typos (to correct if you have the text or solution manual)
The 6th edition is the latest, but it is not really an "edition" because the only changes are minor typos which are corrected. (Most publishers would call it a new "printing".)  The 4th, 5th, and 6th editions are virtually the same (the 3rd is not). For example, you can use the solution manual to the 5th edition for the 6th edition.  
   6th edition
   5th edition (also do those for the 6th above)
   4th edition (also do those for the 5th and 6th above) 

Links to my articles about Precalculus topics.   One important article is "What do we need to teach about algebra, now that 'Calculators can do it all'?"  

Free in pdf formChapters 8 and 9, which are not in the Pearson text but would follow the end of it. If you download them and actually use them, write me and I will email you the solutions manual for them, gratis. 


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