Ordering Precalculus *

Precalculus is cardcover, 445 pages, 8 x 10, with about 500 graphs and figures. This text has been used for years at Montana State University and other universities. 

* The text is in its "sixth edition," which is identical to the fourth and fifth editions, except for fixing some typesetting errors. In normal usage of the term, the sixth "edition" should just have been called a new "printing," but the publisher lableled it a new "edition." Similarly, the solution manual to the 5th edition serves for the 6th. 

        (This page updated Jan 5, 2022.)

I have no copies for sale. I recommend you look for used copies on Amazon (search "Precalculus Esty") or abebooks.com. They will be inexpensive. I have seen some as low as $8.50 including shipping. 

I am a big fan of academic homeschooling. My wife and I did it for our daughter and she went on to get her Ph.D. and become a math professor! You will find this text has more explanation valuable for reading math than other texts, and homeschoolers need to learn to read math to learn math, so this text is better preparation for the future than other texts.

Here are links to supplements such as suggested assignments, old exams, and the instructor's manual (but not the solutions manual). Also, I have free pdf versions of chapters that were omitted from the text because we never got that far in the course. Those chapters have solutions available, gratis, in the links.   

Faculty and bookstores may call 1-800-922-0579 or write pcp@pearsoncustom.com , but their price is too high.

The ISBN is 1-256-67120-7
and its solutions manual ISBN is 1-256-69528-9.

If you would like to communicate with me, I am Warren Esty: 

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