Ordering The Language of Mathematics, 19th Edition      

    [This site updated Jan. 14, 2023]

The Language of Mathematics has been used in numerous editions since 1988 at Montana State University and other colleges and universities. The text is self-published because the market is too small (only a few universities have a course in the language of mathematics) and I am the vendor for the university bookstores.

When you order the text, I will send you by e-mail a pdf copy of the Student's Solutions Manual, gratis. It is enough to really help. I will also include the Instructor' Manual and copies of one old exam for each chapter so you can see what you are supposed to learn. 


Most people order

the text      ($39.95 + shipping. This is very inexpensive for a major math text.)
   the student solutions manual is free in pdf format. I will e-mail it (and other supplements) to you when you order the text.

postage    $4 for slow book-rate "media-mail" postage in the U.S., for a total of $43.95. People who have ordered tell me it arrives in about 5 days to the west and 7-10 days to the east coast. I ship from Oregon.
                 Shipping to other countries costs too much. It is $30 to Canada and Mexico and $41 for the UK and Europe. That is simply too much. For that reason, I prefer not to ship outside the US. 

Total $43.95 (slower media-mail in the US only). You may pay with PayPal below or with Zelle.

Make checks or money orders payable in U.S. dollars to "Warren Esty." I do not take credit cards other than through PayPal.

    For the usual order (text, media mail in the US: $39.95+$4 = $43.95) with student solutions sent to you gratis by e-mail as a pdf file, you may reach your PayPal account by using the next button for "media mail" in the US (I ship from Oregon):


Do not use this button if you are in Canada, Mexico, the UK, or Europe. Shipping to Canada is discussed here.

Or, you may log into your account at  https://www.paypal.com/   and send payment to me at   e

You may pay by Zelle or with a check in the regular mail. If you pay by regular mail be sure your order is clear about exactly what you ordered (for example, "LM, media mail") and your postal mail address. You must include your e-mail address so I can send the solutions manual. I have written more than one book and you must mention "LM" (The Language of Mathematics) so I know this is the book you want. Using PayPal gets you the materials very quickly.    

    Warren Esty    
    61083 Longview Lane
    Cove, OR  97824

I usually post books the same day I get payment. 
Enclose your e-mail address and I will let you know when it is posted and I will send you the solutions manual to your e-mail address in pdf format.

There is also an Instructor's Solutions Manual with solutions to all problems and an Instructor's Manual, but they are available only to teachers.

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Warren Esty, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University
Write me if you have questions. I love this subject and will be glad to reply.