A university faculty member wrote:

    "I definitely do not like the other two [introduction to Proof] books I tried. 

    "I used an early edition of your book, and you have made several improvements and changes since then.  The main reason I would use it again was because it was easy to make class "fun" when I used your book.  We did a lot of fast moving things in class with the quick response items, there were portions of the book that were great for some group work, and the students learned (and enjoyed) the false proofs.  They also liked the clear explanation of coding theory.  I had fun with the book, and I will use it again (if I ever get that course assignment again).  The "hands down" reason I would choose your book again is that my teaching evaluations for the course were much higher when I used that book, and it also enhanced my teaching reputation on campus.  It suits my classroom style, I guess; I like to teach proof techniques when they are embedded in content, and I like to vary my teaching techniques to keep the students awake and not bored.
    "I want my students to have exposure to as many techniques (tools) as possible; I call these "arrows for their quiver".  And I want them to see the formulation of a proof as an adventurous game.  Your book has a lot of variety in it, and it gives me more freedom to do what I want in class.  I also like the touches of humor that you both use. It sets the tone for making the course fun."


Unsolicited comment from a student at another university:
    "I'm currently finishing up a class at [xxx] called "Introduction to Advanced Math" which uses your textbook. I'd just like to let you know that I found the textbook to be very well written and helpful. I especially loved the way homework problems were setup: A problems, B problems and C problems, each increasing in difficulty. Many of the problems were really quite challenging yet interesting (and fun?!).
    "Since the book is self published, I figured I'd let you guys know that I really enjoyed it and hope it continues to sell!"

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